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Twitter’s New Era: The Transformation Led by Elon Musk

Recently, Twitter’s iconic little blue bird has been transformed into a tech-savvy “X” icon by Elon Musk. This change is more than a visual shift; it symbolizes a massive overhaul that Twitter is about to undergo.

Elon Musk acquired the domain x.com back in 2017 but never used it. Now, with the logo change, this domain has started pointing to Twitter.com. Although Twitter’s domain won’t change in the short term, the “X” will gradually replace “Twitter,” and even “Tweet” will be renamed “Post.” Musk’s own Twitter avatar has also been changed to the “X” icon, emphasizing this transformation.

In April 2023, Twitter introduced a verified account subscription plan. Paid users will receive a blue verification badge and can post longer texts and high-definition video content. According to Musk, he plans to transform Twitter into a super app combining finance, artificial intelligence, and microblogging.

This series of changes not only marks a new era for Twitter but also brings new opportunities for users and creators. Twitter’s transformation may usher in a new chapter in social media, and we should closely watch and seize the opportunities this historic moment offers.

5 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

1. Twitter Creator Monetization

Twitter’s creator monetization allows users to earn income through two main methods: paid subscriptions and ad revenue sharing, a model very similar to YouTube.

  • Paid Subscriptions: To enable this feature, creators must provide unique content for paid subscribers and meet requirements like 500 subscriptions and account verification.
  • Ad Revenue Sharing: To enable this, creators must reach 15 million views within three months, in addition to the above conditions. Monthly earnings from randomly inserted ads are sent to the creator’s Stripe account. Twitter’s vast user base means that valuable and engaging content can bring substantial traffic. Creator monetization is a fundamental way to earn money, with earning potential directly proportional to traffic.

2. Sponsored Tweets

Influential Twitter accounts can collaborate with various sponsors to promote brands and earn revenue. Platforms like Sponsored Tweets can also facilitate brand collaboration.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Twitter allows links in tweets, enabling the promotion of high-profit products. For example, posting weight-loss-related images with landing page links can guide users to sales pages, earning a commission.

4. Driving Traffic to Websites or Blogs

Adding blog or website links to the profile can direct followers to target addresses, bringing extra traffic and revenue. If you have a YouTube channel, you can also notify subscribers of new videos through tweets.

5. Selling Prompt Words and AI Works

If skilled in tools like Midjourney, you can sell prompt words e-books or place works on Patreon’s community through Twitter, using platforms like Gumroad.


Twitter is in a transitional phase, and with enough followers, there are many ways to monetize traffic. From creator monetization to affiliate marketing, Twitter offers diverse revenue channels for individuals and businesses. By properly managing a Twitter account, maximizing earnings is achievable.

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