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How to use AI tool

How to use AI tools and How to use AI to make money

How to use AI tools Make Money on Gumroad


Jul 26, 2023 #Gumroad, #Make Money

Introduction to Gumroad

  • Gumroad, established in 2011, is a digital goods sales platform for global users.
  • Gumroad allows sellers to sell physical, virtual, and any valuable goods.
  • Users from any country can purchase goods on Gumroad.
  • Gumroad is very friendly to sellers, charging only a 10% transaction fee, with no entry or other fees.
  • Gumroad supports transactions of any goods, such as physical goods, virtual goods, and memberships, with prices that can be set as low as $0.
  • Gumroad supports PayPal and bank transfers, and most countries can receive payments smoothly.

How to Use Gumroad

  1. Visit the official Gumroad website, click the register button in the upper right corner, and log in with any social media.
  2. After entering the backend, click the project option on the left, and click the new project in the upper right corner to create a new product.
  3. Click the checkout option on the left to add product discount information and upsell settings.
  4. The Post option allows you to post and interact with your followers.
  5. The Analytics option allows you to analyze sales data and user information.
  6. Click the payout Setting payments option below to add your bank card and PayPal account for receiving payments.

10 Ways to Make Money on Gumroad

  1. Midjourney Prompts E-book: Compile some excellent Midjourney Prompts, pair them with corresponding images, and make an e-book.
  2. Stable Diffusion Video Tutorial: Record a video explaining in detail the installation method of SD webUI, the installation and use of plugins, and the method of importing models.
  3. Travel Guide E-book: Create some famous tourist attractions’ graphic guides and sell them on Gumroad in the form of PDF e-books.
  4. ChatGPT Tutorial E-book: Collect practical ChatGPT money-making tips and make an e-book.
  5. Selling Procreate Brushes: Create various types of brushes and sell them on Gumroad.
  6. Weight Loss E-book: Design a weight loss tutorial and menu, and make a PDF e-book.
  7. HD Wallpaper Download: Use Midjourney and Stable Diffusion to make HD wallpapers, categorize and organize them for sale.
  8. VRchat 3D Model Sale: Design 3D models and characters for sale on Gumroad.
  9. Notion Template Sale: Design Notion templates related to finance, fitness, personal improvement, and sell them on Gumroad.
  10. Icon Design: Design professional icons and sell them on Gumroad.

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