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How to use AI tool

How to use AI tools and How to use AI to make money

how to use Runway’s Gen-2 tool

What is Runway’s Gen-2

Runway is an applied AI research company dedicated to shaping the next era of art, entertainment, and human creativity. Their mission is to build multimodal AI systems to enable new types of creative tools.

Gen-2 is a product of Runway. It is a generative AI that can generate new videos with nothing but text prompts. It’s like filming something new, without filming anything at all. The use of Gen-2 is very simple, just enter a text prompt, adjust the settings, and then click generate to create your bespoke Gen-2 creation.

how to use Runway’s Gen-2

Enter a text prompt: If you can write it, you can generate it. Imagine an original text prompt, or start writing one and get inspired by our automatic prompt suggestions.

Adjust settings: Use advanced settings on the web to fine-tune your generations. Save your seed numbers for future generations, enable upscaling for enhanced video resolution, or use interpolation to smooth out frames.

Generate: Once you’ve got your settings dialed in, click “Generate this” to generate your bespoke Gen-2 creation. From here, you can download generations to your computer, or find them saved in your Runway assets for later use.

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